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Repair of all Brands

Instant Solutions is highly specialized and skillful, having several years of experience, in overhauling spindles and electrospindle using  advanced equipment for.

This service also includes the possibility to disassemble  the spindle from the customer’s machine and provide to reassemble it after overhauling.

 The whole process, here listed,  takes place internally :

Disassembly of  spindles, examination of bearings and of the clamping system
Manufacture of all worn-out parts thanks to our  workshop equipped with grinders, lathes, CNC machining centres.

Check and dimensional control of single components
Check of the stators, rotors and control of bearing seats Balancing of rotating parts; This operation allows to improve significantly the working life of the spindle

Connection of spindle to each external unit to check  seals of different circuits
Reassembly of spindles in clean area Recording  values ​​of temperature and vibration of spindle’s sensitive areas  and filling of  testing certificate

Electrospindle overhauled and repaired ready to be delivered to the customer

The vast experience gained in the revisions of spindles, allows us to propose, if necessary, in addition, changes for improvement.